Tickets should be bought direct from Shakey on their website, or  by calling them. They can of course be bought on the gate as well.

Sat Gate £12 per person - Advance £10 per person - Sun Gate £12 per person - Advance £10 - Weekend £22 per person - Advance £20.00

Racers: Track fee is £25 per day or £40 for a weekend of unlimited runs.


1. It is now a requirement of Shakespeare County Raceway that you MUST wear a crash helmet for drag racing at all events in 2015. This includes Public Track Days and Lifestyle Events.

2. Bring your drivers licence for signing on. Provisional licences (car or motorcycle) will NOT be accepted. - NO LICENCE NO RACE!

3. Wear suitable clothing that covers your arms and legs when racing. Gloves are required if you are driving an open top car. See Download's page ref: 'Car Safety' for further clarification.

4. Windows must be closed when racing.

5. Seat Belts must be worn.

6. Motorcycle riders to wear leathers, gloves, appropriate motorcycle approved boots and helmet (jeans & trainers not permitted). See Download's page ref: 'Motorcycle Safety' for further clarification.

7. Intercooler spray bars not to be used. The track policy is perfectly clear on this, any car dropping fluids will NOT be allowed to race!

8. Make sure that your motorcycle is clean and not dropping oil.

9. All motorcycles must have an adequate manufacturers or after market chain guard. Also oil & water catch cans if required.

10. Shakespeare County Raceway reserves the right to define additional rules governing the running of the event and will advise all registered entrants accordingly. Track managements decision is final in any situation or dispute.