Cal Look Drag Day. what's it all about?

Cal Look Drags 2017

We already have support from the top Race and Cal Look clubs and looking forward to welcoming along many of the quickest Flat Four Hot VW’s from the UK and Europe to the track.

Drag Day 2017
Shakespeare County Raceway 8th - 9th Jul 2017

The California Look Drag Day is a drag racing event based around the spirit of 60’s and 70’s California, surrounded by fire breathing Aircooled Race cars and Cal Lookers held here in the UK at Shakespeare County Raceway.

Racing is open to flat four VW powered vehicles that are capable of completing the ¼ mile in under 15.99 seconds.
Spectators are welcome to come and enjoy the atmosphere.
This event is ALL ABOUT RACING, aimed at the true petrol heads of the VW scene. The camaraderie of fellow racers and the roar of the flat four is the entertainment, dressing up is strictly limited to race suits and helmets. Any dancing which takes place, is from inside the vehicle and involves a steering wheel and an attempt to launch in a straight line.

We hope to welcome as many of Europe’s finest Hot VW’s along to Shakespeare County Raceway for this, the Cal Look Drag Day.

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