Thursday, 4 April 2013

Important info.

Folks, just a reminder that Drag Day is organised on a not for profit basis in the free time of a very small group of racers and every dime collected from our sponsors is put back to you the racer, and monies collected at the gate go straight to the track, so please bear in mind that funds for the Freebies we've managed to organise are limited. To be eligible for the goody bags and racers breakfast (both to be given out on Sunday), you have to be in a 15.99 second or quicker VW Flat Four (the odd Renault Dauphine or Fiat is acceptable as long as it has a flat four VW powerplant) AND you MUST be racing on Sunday. Also, availability IS limited, so be sure to get signed in nice and early. The Drag Day team and sponsors have worked hard to give something back to the folks who make these events so special - you, the guys and gals who've put in the hard graft in to get their cars onto the track - RACERS, WE SALUTE YOU!

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