Saturday, 7 September 2013


As we all know Cal Look Drag Day is all about the racing. This year is no exception with Volkswagen only elimination rounds on the Saturday. We want everyone to get as much track time as possible and to make the racing as competitive as possible so we have decided to pair cars of equal performance. This gives everyone an equal chance. 

We will be coming round the pits taking info on times and grouping the cars as follows. 

9 - 10.99 second cars 

11 – 12.99 second cars 

13 – 14.99 second cars 

15 – 15.99 second cars 

We must add there will be no sand bagging. so you will need to run within 5 tenths of your time. Go allot faster and we’ll move you to another group. Only fair really. 

We would also really appreciate it if competitors could email us at with you info ( name, car, ET and a few details about yourself) asap so we can start collecting info and arranging the groups prior to the day, because we are going to be busy cooking your breakfast Sunday morning..

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